The holes of the golf course of Périgueux

  • Hole # 1



    Advice from the Pro:

    Long hitters, keep to the right.

    The green is large, take care with your choice of club for the second shot.


  • Hole # 2

    The opening from the white tees is at 180m (200yds), from the yellow tees 150m (165yds), and from the blue and red tees 130m (145yds). Play one club extra for the approach to the green.


    Advice from the Pro:

    Amen Corner

    It’s so easy to get a bogey here!

    Judge the length of your drive so that you have a clear opening to the green: 25m short of the right hand edge of the wooden bridge is ideal.

    In attacking the green with your second shot, keep it simple, make sure to clear the lip of the bunker.

    Pierre-Alexandre T

  • Hole # 3



    Advice from the Pro:

    Safety first - play to the right side of the green.

    Don’t hesitate to take one club extra.

    Edwin T

  • Hole # 4

    Drive to the middle of the fairway, make sure you have a full shot to attack the green with your third shot. The greenside bunker is tricky.

    Advice from the Pro:

    Black Run

    The best line for your drive is the centre right of the fairway. Think about overclubbing to make sure you clear the greenside bunker. Pay attention to the subtle slopes around a metre from the hole.

    Pierre-Alexandre T

  • Hole # 5



    Advice from the Pro:

    Keep to the right, stay dry!

    For the third shot, a good pitch and run is easier to control than a wedge shot.

    Edwin T

  • Hole # 6

    The choice of club is important depending on the wind. The green is very well defended.


    Advice from the Pro:

    Wind and Sand

    Relative to the mounds at the front of the green, take one or two clubs extra depending on the flag position.  

    Pay close attention to the wind!

    The green is flat, try to get pin-high.

    Pierre-Alexandre T


  • Hole # 7



    Advice from the Pro:

    Hit your tee shot as close as possible to the fairway bunker, this makes the angle for the second shot easier.

    If the flag’s on the high plateau, pitch to the low section. If your ball finishes up behind the green, it’s fatal!

    Edwin T

  • Hole # 8



    Advice from the Pro:

    Your tee shot should be long rather than short, so that you stay well away from the water and can take advantage of the width of the landing area.

    A pleasant green on two levels, reminiscent of Florida, but be careful……aim to the right of the green, towards the middle of the lower level because, if you’re too long or too far left, you’ll be taking what in France is called a “Scottish shower”!

    Be careful not to be too aggressive with your putts, the roll can be surprising.

    Pierre-Alexandre T

  • Hole # 9



    Advice from the Pro:

    The last par 5 on the front nine; always the same message: keep to the right!

    If you’re thinking about a pitch and run to the green, be careful because there are two bunkers waiting to welcome your ball at the front right of the green!

    Edwin T

  • Hole # 10

    Approach the green slightly from the left side of the fairway. Out of bounds to the left.


    Advice from the Pro:

    Gentle rise

    It’s a corridor, so stay away from the walls.  Your tee shot should be centre or centre left, because the fairway slopes to the right and will give you added distance.

    For your approach, take one club extra as the back of the green is wider and the bunkers are less in play.

    Pay attention to the gentle slopes, few areas of the green are flat.

    Pierre-Alexandre T


  • Hole # 11



    Advice from the Pro:

    Leave your tee shot on the left side of the fairway, so that you can see the flag for your second shot.

    Be careful with your reading of the green. Some slopes aren’t obvious but are certainly there!

    Edwin T

  • Hole # 12


    Treat this hole as if it was a par 5. The approach to the green is narrow.


    Advice from the Pro:

    Long Drive

    Big hitters, beware of the large hedge on the right. Going over the trees on the left is an option because the fairway opens up on the left side. Underclub your approach because you are higher than the green.

    Be prepared to accept being short of the green, so that you can try an uphill chip putt; this is better than flirting with the out of bounds behind the green.

    Pierre-Alexandre T

  • Hole # 13



    Advice from the Pro:

    The bunker on the left is very welcoming… need to feel comfortable in the sand!

    If the flag is at the back of the green, be careful with your choice of club. The hedge comes into play very quickly!

    Edwin T

  • Hole # 14

    Water on the left in the landing area of your tee shot. Out of bounds behind the green.


    Advice from the Pro:

    The Eye of the Needle

    The dilemma: to be aggressive or restrained. If you’re feeling sensible, be satisfied with a tee shot that gets past the 135m marker so that you can take advantage of the width of the fairway without taking too many risks.

    A bit more aggression on the other hand means you can attack the green from closer range, which is good because the three greenside bunkers on the right are greedy!

    Make your choice and go for it!

    Pierre-Alexandre T

  • Hole # 15



    Advice from the Pro:

    If you aren’t a long hitter, be sensible and play it as a par 5!

    For the approach shot, aim towards the left.

    Edwin T

  • Hole # 16

    Play to the right of the green. There’s a stream on the right of the fairway.


    Advice from the Pro:

    Small island

    Don’t use your favourite ball or else play it to the right edge of the green!

    It’s better to be short right because you’ll be in the middle of the fairway. If you’re too long you’re in the hedge or in the stream on the right.

    The green is domed, so be careful about pace! Your putt can be uphill, then downhill…..

    Pierre-Alexandre T

  • Hole # 17



    Advice from the Pro:

    A wise golfer will place his tee shot short of the fairway bunker to leave around a hundred metres to a well-defended green.

    More adventurous players will cut the corner, going over the trees and the water straight at the green.

    Whatever option you go for, be very attentive on and around the green!

    Edwin T

  • Hole # 18


    Advice from the Pro:

    The Keeper

    Play your tee shot to the middle of the fairway if you want to go for the flag with your second shot. It goes without saying that even to reach the green in three shots is difficult, because a tree is waiting for you mischievously, like a goalkeeper in front of the green.

    To go over it you need to lay up well short.

    To go under or around it play a pitch and run to the front of the green, but don’t be too greedy because the out of bounds or the bunker come into play quickly.

    Pierre-Alexandre T

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